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Children Court

Children’s Legislation

There are several laws that make provisions for the handling of children in Trinidad and Tobago.  Among these laws is the Children’s Package of Legislation which consists of legislation that was developed or amended to guarantee the well-being of children in accordance with international rules, guidelines and best practices.  This package includes:

  • The Children Act 12 of 2012.
  • The Children’s Authority Act (No 64 of 2000) as amended by the Children Authority (Amendment) Act
  • The Children’s Community Residences, Foster Care and Nurseries Act (No. 65 of 2000) (as amended)
  • The International Child Abduction Act Chap. 12:08
  • The Miscellaneous Provisions (Children) Act (No 66 of 2000)
  • The Trafficking in Persons Act 14 of 2011
  • The Adoption of Children Amendment Bill 2014 to further amend the Act  (No. 67 of 2000)
  • The draft Status of Children (Amendment) Bill 2009
  • The Family and Children Division Act, 2016