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29 Sep 2017
Fifteen enthusiastic candidates are currently undergoing a course of training in Digital Voice Transcription. This training is being facilitated through the Juvenile Court Project together with the... read more
07 Sep 2017
The Trinidad and Tobago Juvenile Court Project (JCP) invites you to the join the conversation! Each week, we post videos to our Facebook page where we feature different individuals responding to... read more
07 Sep 2017
During the 23rd – 25th August, 2017, state attorneys at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions benefitted from a training programme intended to prepare them for the new Children Court... read more
07 Sep 2017
“It was a matter of wanting it, sitting down to do it and getting it right; it was a labour of love.” That’s how Christie-Anne Morris-Alleyne, Court Executive Administrator, Judiciary of Trinidad and... read more
07 Sep 2017
To decrease repeat offending by children, research tells us that we should use evidence-based programmes which target factors that contribute to delinquent behavior. Evidence-based programmes employ... read more
07 Jul 2017
In order to treat with systemic deficiencies, and to foster greater integration and collaboration among agencies with responsibility for children within the justice system, the Juvenile Court Project... read more
07 Jul 2017
At an event entitled, "Towards Improving the Justice System for Children", the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United Nations... read more
09 Jul 2017
The Juvenile Court Project embarked on an effort to harmonise disparate data items describing crime captured by agencies within the criminal justice system.  During the initial phase of fact finding... read more
05 Apr 2017
“We try to look at various aspects of a child’s life. What we try to do is take that child’s previous experience and life into consideration so [that] we will be able to contextualise the decision... read more
16 May 2017
Last week, in our look back at accomplishments, we talked about the Family and Children Act, 2016. This week we talk about the Judges’ Rules for Children which came into effect in November, 2016.... read more